Correct my last name (I’m Registered user and Verified )


At registration, I wrote a letter from my name. The correct name is Georgel Brinzei and wrote the registration Btinzei. Right is Brinzei
I want to correct my name. Can someone help me. I’m a verified member.




Try to contact the InApp chat support :wink: More ( Bottom right ) --> Help ( Top right ) --> Scroll down to “Chat to us”

This is a community forum, I don’t think it’s a good idea to write your real names here :wink:

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Chat does not work with me InApp.
How can I get in touch with someone and get the error?
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I have seen that similar issues have been resolved here.
Can someone see my message and help me solve it.


Did you type “live agent” to talk so a real human?


ok but Send does not work .


@AndreasK can help you out.
Most likely tmorrow moorning - UK time :+1:


Do you have a screenshot ?




Are you sure you are using the last version of the Application ?


I now installed the current version but it does the same.


Do you have the default keyboard? Which version of Android or the App do you have?


the “send”-button right next to “live agent” is without function, just hit the “enter-key” on the displayed keyboard…

Or wait until @AndreasK or @JessicaZ can take care of the issue…


OK. but what do I send messages to support?


android default keyboard


“activate” the support-thing, wait until the bot answers. type “live agent”, hit the keyboard-enter, wait until the agent arrives, say “i made a typo in my lastname - could you help me fixing this?” - and follow the agents advice…?


Hi George. Can you please try to change correct the name now and let me know?


Hi AndreasK
I corrected my name. Now everything is fine.
Is it possible to activate my account? I can not use the card.

Thank you,


Thank you all for your support.



George, as you are already a verified user, you won’t be able to change it yourself from the app without help of support. If you were not verified yet, you would be able to do it. Once you reach out to support agents via chat, they will quickly help you as it’s minor typo :slight_smile: