Copy of T&Cs after sign-up (Business)


When signing up to a traditional bank account, it’s commonplace to receive all manner of bumph through the post – T&Cs, fee schedule, etc.

Being a modern take on banking, I appreciate your streamlined approach, but there are some essentials I feel are missing, namely a copy of the T&Cs I signed up to when joining (personalised with my company details, and dated/counter-signed), a fee schedule at and more on-boarding details about my account – e.g. am I fully approved? Are there any personalised limits I need to be aware of? etc.

Whilst this might be available through the FAQs or other info, getting this at the point of onboarding would provide a snapshot in time, that would better help tracking changes that may occur over time and provide a firm contract of services that underscore holding funds with you.