I got very annoyed last night/ today morning when I started to make some bus reservations in Mexico.
i spend 80% of my Online time on phone, doh, 2018
So for every bus I need to…:

Take a screenshot in the app
Go to the website
Double tap
Input the first 4 digits
Double tap
Next 4 digits
Double tap
**Next 4 digits **
Double tap
**Next four digits **
Double tap
Date and CVV
Double tap
Check of everything is correct

Dudes cmon :man_facepalming: imagine doing this for 5 routes.
Not all websites accepts pre filled forms.

is that hard to do something that simple?

No I won’t store the cards numbers in Notes.

Jokes, even the forum can’t handle so many “next four digits” in bold


There is a lot of those threads in the ideas and feedback category and I think it is because of security reasons.

Personally, I store my card details in a password tool. So at least I can copy the number from there.


Yes thanks I use safari on phone. As I said, the problem comes when I use the phone and that’s 80% of time and almost 99% of all my online shopping

And I don’t care about the topics on ideas. this is a feedback, a gray one


@Laurenz_L As I said on the other topic, using a password tool is useless when it comes to disposable card. If you have a good solution for using them I would like to hear it and try it.


I don’t like the idea of a third party software copying my cc information.
Maybe it would be better to have a option to let the R app fill out the form on a payment site.
I’m using LastPass and they do something like that to fill in username and password on sign-in pages.


I store cards on keychain (Apple) and chrome.

But, not all forms allow autocomplete and in this case I need to copy and paste.

Ok. I might have the card with me. But in morning I was on :toilet: doing 4 digits double tap 4 digits.


Security reasons my friend. Instead apple must provide us with 2 apps on a screen as a real multitasking.


On Android you can have split screen. This comes in handy in such cases.

make virtual card super readable + copy/paste number

Did that some times, too.


Won’t come ^^


Word. :man_shrugging:t3:
I bet there are many ways to use such a functionality to steal data – from the clipboard/RAM whatever.


So back to the “autofill” idea password managers use?


You might look at Bitwarden which is a free password tool that you can implement across Linux/Mac/Windows plus Android and iPhone as well as integrate into your browser.

It has a copy facility that would let you store numbers without blank spaces and do exactly what you want.The phone versions are accessed by a 4 digit code.


The problem here is that the number of the disposable card is destroyed after every use. This is why password managers don’t work with this feature. The idea was that Revolut could integrate a password manager like “sharing functionality” into their app directly. Similar to how 1password integrates into the iOS Safari menu for example.


Yes please! I came here just for searching if someone talked about this sometime! It’s very disgusting not being able to copy the Rebokut Card details to paste them when shopping online