COP ATM withdrawal in Colombia, from EUR or USD account?

I’d like to withdraw COP from an ATM in Colombia with my Revolut VISA card (which is no problem).

In my Revolut account, I have and use EUR and USD accounts. From which account, EUR or USD, would it be best to withdraw COP? Or will there be no difference in terms of one exchange rate being better than the other?

And how am I able to indicate/arrange that the withdrawn COP should be withdrawn from either my EUR or USD account?



It will withdraw from your local currency and if there isn’t enough available, it will pick another currency with the largest balance. There’s no way to indicate which one you’d like it to pick from, unfortunately (unless you move funds temporarily to a vault)

Exchange rate might be very negligably better in one currency than another, but it shouldn’t be any major difference

If you can get away with paying card, I’d recommend it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply,

That makes a lot clear. It’s just not very clear to me what will be seen as my ‘local currency’. I live in The Netherlands and so my local currency is EUR.

However the Revolut account seems to be British. It has a GB46 IBAN code and I have seen before that a payment machine asked me if I wanted to pay in GBP or in the local currency of the country I’m in at that moment.

So do you think it could it be that the COP will in fact be exchanged from GBP when I withdraw from an ATM in Colombia? Or from EUR?

“Local” refers to the merchant here. Or the ATM operator.

Where you actually are when you withdraw or pay.

Yes sorry, I didn’t read your answer correctly at first.

I understand that I withdraw (or pay) in the currency of the country I actually am, but wondered from which of my currency accounts to have it best transferred, EUR or USD, for conversion reasons.

Did you check out the FAQ section? They explain many of those things there:

No entiendo inglés. Diríjase a mi en español. Gracias


I think rate is 100000 pesos €23 or $ 24.7. Whichever currency you use you can make it your active currency and deactivate the other temporarily.