Cooperation with Globalblue as Bonus-program


Globalblue allows travelers to manage VAT-refunds easily; when paying with a “connected” store, you show the GB-card and the customs-forms are printed; then the customer declares the purchase at the customs (get the stamp), and sends the form to globalblue, who initiates the payback.

My idea:
connect the Revolut-Cards with Globalblue; when payed with the Revolut-Card abroad, the refund-form will be printed (automaticly/by scanning), customer declare & sends the form to Globalblue, and the payback will be transfered to the revolut-account in the case-specific currency.

Revolut: gets a good bonus-programs, valuable for travelers and those who go shopping at neighbor-countries,
Globalblue: promotion of their service/easier processes
Customers: gets a bonus-program, easier processes with VAT-issues aso…

(Globalblue takes a small amount of the VAT as fee - if there’s a way to find a good mix GB/Revolut for this program, it would be still better than current situation, where people lose due to currency-exchange-rates when GB pays back on a “single currency-account”)