Convert to USD from GBP

I am new to Revolut and have loaded my card with GBP. If I convert the GBP to USD and then use the card in America will the transaction automatically debit in USD. Is there a charge for a MasterCard transaction if I shop using the card this way?
Any help appreciated as want to load card with usd prior to trip than rely on whatever exchange rates may be when I’m there.

Correct, your card will be using your USD and if none left, will use your gbp.
Revolut will not charge you for payments abroad.

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Thanks for your help. If I choose to withdraw money in the USA at an ATM is there a limit before I get charged a fee? Does Revolut charge for ATM withdrawals?

Yes there is a monthly limit for free withdrawals. You can check your balance in the app or in the FAQ on the website

I am new to the community and Revolut. Can you advise where/how I convert the GBP before i travel. I am standard and not premium - is this possible? Thanks

Yes it’s easy and quite intuitive from the app. Please ask again if you can’t manage to sort it.

Click the “exchange” button on the first tab I’m the app.

Additional information on how your account is debited.

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Thanks very much for the help.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks vm Henrik for your help and post

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