Convert pounds to Mexican pesos b4 travel query

  1. So if I exchange pounds to Mexican pesos in the app, I presume I’ll have a separate Mexican pesos currency and separate pounds (mother currency) that I can top up?
  2. And when I use atm to withdraw say 500 pesos, it will directly deduct that plus the 2% over 200 pounds a month limit? Plus any local atm fee??
  3. So can I use any ATM without worrying about exchange rates if I withdraw from pesos in app??

Thank you

It will try to use the currency that you’re paying in - so it will take from the peso balance if you have one


Thanks. I suppose you convert your money to pesos and do more of that as required, then simply spend that as if pesos were ur normal currency

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I do so with every currency I can hold in :r:
You might be lucky that your base currency is worth more prior to your travel plus: you avoid the weekend markup.

I just noticed that was not the question at all. :joy:
Well… it’s early in the morning.