Convert or not convert

Hi All,
I keep forgetting, Must be age, I’m off to Thailand soon, BUT, I always forget.
When withdrawing cash from a Thai ATM, Should I use WITH or WITHOUT conversion.?

I presume If I have 50,000 Bhat in my Bhat A/c it will USE that FIRST then when that’s utilised it will then use your home currency (£) when that’s used up it will eventually use crypto.

So, WITH OR WITHOUT conversion?
Am I correct in assuming the above is correct?

I believe WITHOUT is the correct option. As for using the THB account first I’d also like to know as I’m off there again in May and next December. Basically if I have money in all three accounts (GBP, EUR and THB) my assumption is it will use the local currency account first then revert to your home currency account. I may of course be completely wrong which is why I would also like this confirming.

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You should always choose to be charged in the local currency and without conversion. This applies to both card payments and ATM withdrawals. You can read more about it here:



I saw an old post- If you have insufficient funds in a particular currency your payment will be declined.

I ALWAYS thought it would use £ FIRST IF insufficient it would use next in line $¥ (Whatever) THEN Crypto.

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It will only be declined if you have insufficient currency in each of the separate currencies. In other words the system will never take ‘part payment’ from any of the currency holding accounts. If you have insufficient funds in the same currency but sufficient funds in other currencies, the system will use these other currencies in accordance with the link potsted above.