Convert foreign currency back to base currency

New user to this great service. I just wonder if I can convert foreign currency in my account back to my base currency, i.e. if I converted more than I needed for a holiday and have surplus left that I won’t need again for some time.

Hello @5te4ddiE :slight_smile:

Sure thing. You can make unlimited conversions (up to €6.000 monthly completely free, 0.5% fee thereafter) in any direction. Just consider the different mark-ups for non business days and illiquid currency :wink:

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Hi @5te4ddiE.

There is no need to exchange beforehand as the card will automatically convert your funds to the local currency using our exchange rate. However, if you’d like or if you feel the exchange rate is particularly favourable at that moment, you can exchange it before.

Also, you can use Revolut card back home :slight_smile: Revolut is for everyday life :slight_smile:

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