Conversion Rates - no longer Interbank?

So I went to convert GBP to USD today and I noticed that I’m no longer receiving the Interbank rate. It used to be that if you google GBP/USD and you get say a rate of 1.3 that would be the rate you convert at.

Now the rate is 1.26 and the conversion I’m being offered is 1.24. Doesn’t that kind of defeat the whole purpose/point of Revolut in the first place? Kind of dumb that I can get a better rate from Thomson Exchange on the highstreet than I can on this app

It’s Sunday today and therefore a 0.5%/1%/1.5% markup applies on fx transactions in line with the Revolut Fair Usage Policy

That doesn’t make any sense… where did you read that?!

We are all too lazy to read the T&C of any service we are using so here you go -

Exchange Rates
9.4 We reserve the right to revert foreign exchange trades done with you if traded prices differ from market rates due to any external factors such as volatile market conditions, Revolut Services system failure or any other external factors.
9.5 We will make every effort to provide you with the best possible FX rates – interbank rates. However, in certain circumstances it is not possible e.g. due to FX market being closed on weekends or holidays. In such cases we might provide FX rates different from the last closed price to reflect a possible price gap on the market open.

I hope this helps.

Well, first of all, you’re right - no one ever reads the T&Cs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But, you first said the markup (and very specifically) was on the Fair Usage Policy. And it’s not. :smiling_imp: It’s on the T&C’s. :grinning:

Currency exchange transactions (Currency exchange and cross-currency card purchases, withdrawals, and bank transfers) - Live market rate* with no fees, up to £5000 (or currency equivalent) per calendar month. A 0.5% fee applies thereafter**

*Revolut will aim to provide the best live market exchange rate wherever possible, without any mark-up. As the market is closed at the weekend, there is no live market rate and Revolut must set a rate based on the market close and our currency exposure. Some illiquid currencies are hard for us to trade which means the rate we can offer may differ from the live interbank rate. For Thai baht, Russian rouble, and Ukrainian hryvnia we will offer the best available exchange rate we can provide at the time.

This proves my point again - Fair Usage Policy is part of the T&C :slight_smile:

So, Revolut should also update this page here (where I first found the Fair Usage policy):

Looks like there is some degree of inconsistency between the two.

@anon33247966 - could you please ask your team to update the fair usage policy page to make it consistent with Schedule 2 of the T&C as there is no mention of the weekend markup in the former.

Sure! We’ll take a look at it :slight_smile: