Conversion limit BUG


I wanted to make conversion of 1000€ to my local currency (CZK) between my accounts.

However, the App applies conversion fee stating that I have exceeded the monthly limit for free conversion.
But this limit is 6000€ / Month.

The fee is gone when I enter amount just below 6000 CZK (local currency).

This is clearly a bug.
Can anyone help with a solution please?


It’s a known bug, as far as I know. Support can refund the fees.


I was told by support that fee cannot be refunded :anguished:


You might want to search this forum. This was discussed before, I believe. I remember that someone talked with support about this and they agreed to refund the fees. Maybe you can get in contact with this user?


Unforntunately, I did not find any previous topic or discussion about this.
No evidence about fee refund in this case.

But I think that refund of the fee should be applied in this case.
Monthly limit of the declared 6000€ vs. 6000 CZK local currency is 25 times smaller.