Conversation with Support get cleared out


Hello Revolut!

I have a pretty annoying problem. I changed my phone number (and don’t have access to the old one anymore), so yesterday I changed it on Revolut. However I didn’t get the confirmation code in time, and got logged out.

I retried to log in (with my old phone number, the new one isn’t recognized). I put my Passcode, and I get a screen where it sends a confirmation code to my old phone number. Unfortunately I don’t have access to that one anymore.

So I contact in-app Support. As requested by them, I sent them my email, addresse, DOB, last top-up amount etc so that they can confirm it’s me.

Then my phone’s screen shut down (after a small period of inactivity), and when I re-unlocked the phone, Revolut logged me out again. I logged in again, went to the Support conversation page, and the conversation disappeared. I have no idea if support got my latest message, and if yes, how can they contact me again.

Anybody has an idea what I can do? I’m trying on their Facebook now.


Hey @amaurymartiny

I think I have helped you on FB, right?


Andreas K


Hello, Yes exactly! Thanks.