Continued Bug Issues + App Failure


Last week I had repeated issues with accessing the account screen on the app. In-app support advised me to log out of the app completely and the logging back in.

That worked in terms of being able to see (briefly) the account screen. The new issue now is that the app repeatedly crashes. Not occasionally but all the time after about 1 second (‘unfortunately Revolut has stopped’).

It seems impossible to get in touch with Revolut via their web site where, get the irony, I am being advised to use to in-app messaging support. Which naturally is impossible to access at this point as the app keeps crashing… (someone did obviously not complete the logic on redundancy for the contact function).

This is obviously getting more than annoying. Would appreciate if someone from Revolut could advise on a stable, solid & permanent fix to these issues.

  • Kjell


Hi, I am not Revolut employee but… :slight_smile:
I suggest just to reinstall the app (and if you know how to do it- with cleaning app’s cache and data before that)



Hey, that actually worked. Thanks amigo!