Contacts without R


A friend is trying to send me money to my revolut but when he tries, he sends me a link instead of the funds directly.

I noticed on his mobile that when he clicks on Send payment, all the contacts (including mine) are without the “R” on the right side, so i suppose it is something related to that.

Do you know how to solve this?


Hey @marcor4 :slight_smile:

That happened to me with a specific contact (just one) two days ago. The :r: app doesn’t recognize the contact as a member and generates a link. I tried to explain the issue to a support agent and he was clueless to the point of not understanding the question. If you get an answer, I’d appreciate if you shared it here :smile:

As a workaround, you can manually request money from him meanwhile. Also, try adding or removing international prefixes from contacts to see if that changes anything :wink:

Have you tried to refresh the list?

Did you manage to solve this? I had all contacts with R and now all of my contacts are without R and I can only make payments via link

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Did you get this fixed? I’m having same problem - cannot pay friends that have revolut as no R beside name - they just keep advising me to reinstall app which is not Working -

I am also experiencing the same problem. Has anyone figured it out yet. ?

how please? refresh the list, there is no button

Same problem. Most of my contacts in my phone book have their numbers linked to Revolut. Revolut App shows their numbers, but doesn’t recognize them as registered users. Reinstalling the App, using different phone books/calling apps didn’t help. Google Contacts app gives a link to send money to the contact, but after it launches Revolut, it allows only creation of a payment link.

A couple days ago one person was unable to send me money directly, so I gave him my Revolut user name (as suggested by tech support) and it worked. For testing purposes I’ve just added his number to my contacts, the App recognized him and now he is the only contact I’m able to send funds directly.

I’ll keep trying, but if the problem is with my Revolut account, not much I can do I guess…

Samsung Galaxy S5. Android version 6.0.1.

Same for me, but this seems to be only happening with Revolut Users that I have never had any connections with. Even if I send them a payment link (send money) the link does not work for them. Easiest is if they send you the request for money, and you confirm (although still some errors are occurring for me in this process) and once the payment went through, the contact has the REVOLUT Logo added to their name in the contacts.

Yeah I have this issue too. Seems to be a bug.

From version 7 onwards I don’t see any of my contacts that have revolut

If the person sending the money is not in the receiver’s phone contacts the app on the sender will just generate the payment link.
If the receiver clicks the payment link then they are asked to join revolut. They already are so can not receive the money.
The workaround seems to be for the receiver to add the senders number to their contacts.

Impossible to create payment links anymore without enabling “payments to friends” (and sharing contacts in that way).

“Nice” move, R :-1:

It was not that way ~6 month ago.