Contacts disappeared (from Contacts)


Hi. I have had Revolut installed for quite some time now, but I have checked out the ‘Contacts’ feature only tomorrow. I clicked on whatever button there was, granted the necessary permissions, saw that none of my friends had Revolut, forgot about it.

A few hours later I realized that most (85%?) of my contacts (in Contacts, not in Revolut) are missing. They seem to have disappeared kind of randomly, no connection with whether they were added recently or a long time ago, if they start with +XX or not, if they were frequently used or not. EDIT: I realized only Google Contacts are visible.

Yes, I have it set to display from the SIM card, mobile phone, google contacts etc.

If I go to Revolut Contacts, they are all still there so I hope they can be somehow recovered.

Any suggestions how to bring them back?


Hi Kura, we have spoken privately and understand that your issue is resolved and looks like may not have necessarily been related to revolut. Great to hear that you have managed to get your contacts back and that you are enjoying the service.