Contacts are populated with wrong phone number prefix

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For some reason the Revolut app adds a “default” prefix (country code) of +44 to all my contacts that do not have a prefix, instead of the correct/local prefix. This doesn’t stop me from making an ordinary payment, but I can’t make any payment requests or recurring payments without manually changing a number in my contacts list.

My phone doesn’t add a (new) contact’s number prefix by default. And if my phone number’s prefix is already known, why can’t it be applied to all my contacts’ numbers without a prefix by default? I think this is really inconvenient and it seems like a straight forward fix - since it is already being applied correctly in order to send payments.

Why not add the correct country code to all of your contacts? I have hundreds of contacts in my address book and every phone number has a country code. I see no advantage of omitting it.


What if you’re in Japan and you swap your sim to a Japanese one. Now you’ve got all +81 numbers.

What about people with dual SIM?

I would just start adding the numbers prefixes. I see no reason not to :man_shrugging:

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I agree that adding country codes is useful anyway and should be preferred.

But every Revolut account is linked to a single phone number. It certainly would be better to just use the country code on record instead of +44, it would in most cases solve the issue.

Thanks for your replies! I also agree that adding prefixes would solve the problems, but it doesn’t excuse the app for adding +41 by default.

@NFH No advantage in omitting it, but it’s not necessary to add it to your sim card contacts.

@Recchan Yes all your numbers would potentially be switched to +81 if you imported them from somewhere different than your sim card (but at least +41 would be nowhere no be seen as it would never be applicable (assuming you have no uk contacts) :smile:)