Contactless sign on front of card


I am travelling a lot around the world.
What I often encountered while using the Revolut MasterCard credit card is that people do not immediately recognize that the card has Contactless support.
I assume that the reason for that is that the sign is on the back of the card and not on the front of the card.

Most of the details from the card are on the back, which I personally like. It hides the details like card number, CVN and expiry date - but it also hides the Contactless sign.

Consequence is that many insert the card into the cardreader, which prolongues the process of paying in an unnecessary way.

Hence: Please put the sign on the front of the card. It will get recognized a lot more. Many competitors have it also on the front.


Why are you giving the card to someone else, rather than just tapping it? Even if it was a C&P transaction, surely you wouldn’t hand the card to someone else?


Where I live most merchants don’t even know their machines have contactless :joy: and I’m with you, I hate when the employee grabs my card, I always want to tell them that I can’t insert it myself or just use contactless.


Keep the card in your hand, let the terminal come to you. You can check the amount, avoid DCC, use contactless if available, feel more secure.


The non-premium cards have it :wink:


Do not hand your card over! That is a big no no!


Good advice in Europe and USA but in some Asian countries many terminals accepting chip payments have different design which is intended to be used exclusively by the salesperson. You would need to jump behind the till to insert your card into terminal.


Exactly. Those are the use cases I’m talking about.


In which countries is contactless payment available and you have no access to the payment terminal?

When PIN entry is required, they have to pass you the terminal, although it’s often not known until your card is in the terminal.

For signature without PIN your card is returned with the slip to sign.

Recently in Singapore contactless is becoming widely available, the terminal is always in front of you (or brought to your table) for you to wave your card.

When it’s necessary for the salesperson or waiter to take your card from you, I don’t think contactless payment is likely to be available.


In many South Korean terminals the card is inserted into terminal by a salesperson for a chip transaction without the need to sign the receipt.


Yes, it varies, sometimes neither PIN nor signature are required. But I am dubious that contactless is available in such circumstances, and if so, what advantage there would be in using it if the cardholder has no access to the terminal anyway…