Contactless security


I have a questions regarding card security, specifically contactless payments.

I understand that there is a limit regarding individual contactless payments, e.g. 20 € or other amounts based on the currency used. Is there any daily limit for contactless payments or is it possible to make unlimited amount of these low value payments? My bank for example has a default limit of around 100 € per day for payments without PIN. I can also set my own limit for contactless payments per day.

Another question is whether I can expect any kind of refund in case my card gets stolen and fraudulently used. You say that in such cases I can simply use my phone to block the card. But I’m sure that if I get mugged, the thief will just take my wallet and the phone. Again, my current bank has in its conditions that they refund any fraudulent contactless payments.

I’d love if I could do this with Revolut:
• Make all contactless payments require PIN
• Set daily limit for contactless payments
• Be completely refunded in case of contactless payment misuse

Since I’m not sure whether a potential thief could completely drain my Revolut account or whether I would get refunded in case of a fraud, I have contactless payments disabled on my card as a potential security risk. Which is a big shame because when implemented with the appropriate guarantees, contactless payments make buying stuff way easier.

I’m also apprehensive about loading my Revolut account with larger amounts of cash for the same reason.


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