Contactless payments stopped working - again


A week or so ago my contactless payments stopped working, i.e. the card started to get rejected everywhere. PIN transactions still work just as expected.

That was annoying because I had to use another card for my TfL travel breaking my weekly cap and overpaying for my journeys as a result.

The problem is that this is my second card, and the first one was replaced because the same thing happened - after a few months contactless payments simply stopped working. That time after a conversation with support it was assumed the card got physically damaged, and I received a new one for free.

The card, however, wasn’t damaged (at least visibly), and the new one was always kept in the wallet and is virtually intact, yet the same thing happened to it as well.

Contactless payments aren’t blocked in the app, and the support also tells that everything seems to be fine on their end. Could it be the card again? If so, it’s hardly worth replacing it once again when it will fail the same way when it’s most needed.

Has anyone experienced the same problem? Could you find an explanation or solution?




I have a similar issue. I have a Mastercard revolut card (I notice that newer basic cards are VISA cards). Contactless payment stopped working completely. (PIN payments still work.) Tried with many different terminals, but always the same. Also, the card gets rejected immediately as I touch it to the terminal without any delay as if it would be incompatible or something. So payment transactions do not even appear in the app as rejected transactions, seemingly a transaction process is not even started. Do you have the same behavior?

If cards stop working on a regular basis, then it is probably not worth to order another card. Moreover I didn’t get the offer of a free replacement card :frowning: When I asked, I’ve been told me explicitly that I have to pay for the replacement card just as if it would be a normal spare card.



Yes! My card behaves exactly in the same way, gets rejected instantly. I will repeat that it is the second time it happens, so I guess it is a “hardware” problem with the cards.

If they have switched to Visas it is possible that this has changed (although I am not an expect and could be that it doesn’t make a difference if the manufacturer remains the same), but yes, I decided not to bother with another replacement and switched to Monzo for now.


Same case here, first the contactless payments stopped working , then chip/nip payments and ATM withdrawals , I have contacted support three times, they just reset my card and tell me to give it a try, now they suggested me that the card could be physically damaged and I would have to order a new one (and paying for it). But my card is almost new, from my point of view, if I had taken care of my card , I should not be charged again for a reposition, due to the fact that the card is faulty.


Hey @doncesarts :slight_smile:

Either insist or file a complaint. They’re usually very reasonable with their faulty cards policy :wink:


Not when it happens repeatedly, and then again you don’t want find out your card stopped working in the least suitable moment, as replacing it takes a few days even if it’s free.

I ended up switching to Monzo.


Hi @Juliopp I contacted them today and after the same “could you please try it again” and explaining that my card failed again, I was told that I can order a new one (and pay for it) , so I will follow the same steps as @yurri . At the end it took more than 4 times (several days) contacting support, having the same answer “to give it another try” to finally came to the conclusion that the chip was damaged due to use. I just did like 4 chip/nip transactions before it got “damaged”. It is a shame because previously I was very happy with the app, but I am not willing to pay for another card that will easily fail again.


I perfectly understand why you’re leaving :r: for Monzo, @yurri and @doncesarts. I’d do the same in your situation.
I’ll just mention @AndreasK, in case he can do his magic and make you stay :heart::star2:


Really sorry to hear that. Could you please terminate the card and order a new one with standard delivery. I will refund you the cost.


Thank you, but my own problem is not with having to pay for the replacement (it is not expensive after all), but with the unpredictability of it and the fact that it seems to re-occur.

Is there by any chance an explanation of the problem, or maybe since that time you have switched the card manufacturer/provider, or there is anything else that might have had an effect on that? If not, I am afraid the problem might still persist…


It could be just a default card.


Thanks, I understand the reason is still unknown then.


Hi Andreas,

My contactless stopped working yesterday, and I’m not getting any response from support. I couldn’t actually get off the tube because of this. I’ve checked a few other locations, e.g. my office canteen, where there card worked just fine before, and it won’t any more. I’m going on holiday tomorrow. What can I do?



In case you’re wondering Devvid, this problem hasn’t been resolved since I wrote about it earlier.

I can send you Monzo invitation to skip the waiting list, if you want.


Thank you, Yuri. I quite enjoy the functionality of Revolut, so I’m hoping to get this resolved.


Hi there. Can you please send me a direct message so that I can help?