Contactless payments and security

It seems that Mastercards cannot disable contactless payments, and this a shame given the wonderful fine-grained security options provided by Revolut. Is this situation ever likely to change? Will cardholders ever be given an option to order a card without contactless payment?

Totally agree with you that enabling/disabling contactless payment must be implemented in Revolut’s security! :r:

Actually I don’t know if MasterCard has given the ability to card issuers to disable or not the option but on my VISA issued by bank the option has been disable by my banker in seconds ; when I try to scan it it says: option disabled/card not activated ; so it’s blocked. :slight_smile:

Transactions bellow the limit (EUR 20 typically) are off-line and everything is done between card and terminal. How Revolut can disable this?

Because, like mentioned in the other thread, this is simply a misinformation on your end :wink: