Contactless payment?


How about Contactless card?


Yes good idea and what about Apple Pay ?


Contactless card is already here for months to new customers/cards first. :wink:


Pay is coming for Top-Up very soon but Pay for Spending will surely be available later down the road. :slight_smile:


You mean I can get revolut contactless card now?


That’s right! If you order a new physical card through the app you’ll receive a contactless card.


You certainly can get it now. I have just received mine and it cost 6GBP, which seems fair to me. Just be aware that you have to block your existing card, then order a replacement card through the app. IMPORTANT - then wait at least 48 hours before unblocking your original card, otherwise the new one will not be issued. Then when the contactless card arrives, block your old one and link the new one to your account. A bit of a nuisance being without use of the card for a couple of days, but not too much of an issue for me.