Contactless in USA

I’m enjoying my Revolut card and can use contactless, and Google Pay in the UK fine. However I spend a lot of time in the USA and whilst chip and PIN works there contactless and Google Pay don’t.
Contactless in the USA would be really useful for buying coffee’s and the like. Is there any plans to support it in the USA?

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There’s no difference for contactless payments in general, why do you think it’s not supported? Do you get any error message? Are you sure the merchants in the USA have it enabled at all? Last time I checked many POS terminals in the US do seem like modern Chip&PIN/contactless terminals but they are often still not enabled to be used for EMV payments and I had to swipe my cards anyways.

==> Check if you see any reason for declining in your app, if you don’t see any, it’s probably a problem of the merchant, regardless of what country you are in

In case you contact the in-app support and have different information for us and there is a specific problem with contactless payments in the US at the moment, feel free to share it here!