Contactless Fob



How about a fob, like the

That would be great.
It could be a key fob, a watch attached fob, a sticker,…
It would be like an other card, so £5 + what it cost to make it.



You could just sign up for bpay. You can use your revolut card on one of their fobs.


Yes but in that case you are losing the spending analysis, as all you’re doing on your revolut acount is topping up your bpay account with your revolut card.
And it’s an other app where you have to top up…


Ahhh. Should have read the details carefully


That’s what Apple Pay is for.


No it’s not the same.
If you have an iPhone (or an android phone with NFC), you indeed don’t need a sitcker fob you stick to the back of your phone.

But the fob can be something else : a key fob, a watch fob,…


That’s what Apple Watch is for. All these fobs and bracelets are just one big security risk and another thing to manage and keep track off.


Well just like any other contactless card, you don’t have any security…
That’s not new.

Apple pay or android pay are better for security, but you need your phone
with you and working.

The fob usage is different.


I like this a lot. A contactless fob would be much easier to implement compared to Apple Pay and Android Pay. I would vote for a wrist band with built in NFC!