Contactless Cash Withdrawal

More and more ATMs around here are starting to offer contactless services. That is, instead of inserting the card into the machine, you just tap it onto the contactless reader, after which you put it back into your pocket and continue doing whatever operations you need to do.
The banks whose ATMs have this feature say it should work with any card (i.e. not necessarily with those issued by themselves), provided that the issuer of the card has enabled this function.
I take it, Revolut cards don’t have this function enabled, because I tried it and nothing happened.
I think it would be nice if they had it, for two reasons.
First, a defective ATM might freeze and fail to return your card. It may not be a very frequent occurence (happened to me just once in over twenty years), but it’s still unpleasant when it happens, especially if it happens with a metal card, which is expensive to replace.
Second, with enough use, metal cards seem to be susceptible to scratch and to wear out the superficial paint layer. The internal mechanism, rollers, etc. of an ATM seem to me to be particularly prone to cause this kind of damage. The less we insert our metal cards into ATMs, the longer they will stay in good cosmetic shape.

What’s your opinion? Does this look like a good idea?


Which region are you referring to? I vaguely remember users reporting successful contactless withdrawals. In some regions, it even works with Apple Pay, I believe.

I think I once tested it successfully at a Barclays ATM in the UK. That was a while ago, so details are hazy. I will try it out again.

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Oh, that’s good to know. I will try again with a different ATM.
I’m in Romania.

Longterm, I think ATMs are going to vanish, contactless or not. Right now I only use ATMs where I can use my VISA cards without fees, but it’s a bother to search for them because the map from VISA isn’t always reliable and they’re often not in the direction that I would like to go to to spend my money :sweat_smile:.
When I can, I go to DM or another store that offers viacash.

You’re right. I tried again today, at a different ATM, and it worked.