Contacting someone

I would line to know limits on cash withdrawals, money held, liability, controls on moving money between different staff cards, fees, ability to view own card but not do transfers etc etc
Is there someway of talking to someone before setting up an account.

Hi @GerrardB :wave:

We would be happy to help via business chat available on the sign up page: - you don’t have to be our customer to reach the chat anonymously.

And here’s our FAQ link:

P.S. Help Centre is available in the chat window itself :speak_no_evil:

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I sold my shares. Why I can’t withdraw my money from my investment account,
in my current account?

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can I discuss option over the phone

It has been 2 months since my account was frozen with EUR 100’000 !!
No explanation whatsoever, and no communication line possible whatsoever!!
Basically, the biggest nightmare ever in banking!

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Sorry to hear about this, I hope someone in an official capacity contacts you soon. Doubt it though, their customer service is seriously flawed.

Hi. I have a similar question. I found a withdraw feature to transfer money from investment account to an other account. Last option on the tab navigation after add money and invest. However the amount is very limited. For instance My investment account has nearly 2k available - not invested in share but I'm just allowed to transfer 60. Does someone knows were this limitation comes from ?

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Hello, I have terminated my revolut card accidentally. How can I re-activate it?

My account was closed down. How I get my money from my account?

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Hello there,

I can’t seem to get my account verified. There are numerous incoming transfers that got accepted but now my source of income needs to be verified more.
This is a now more than weeks that the account has been limited while there is serious money in the account. CS is sending me from department to department.
Not cool at all …

And there is no one to speak to…

Bad bad bad

Sorry, I don’t know, keep trying to contact support.

Hi, I’ve had an email from Revolut (I’m on Revolut Business Starter Plan), saying that I need to log in to reply in order to confirm the details of a payment that is pending into my account. When I log in (on desktop or app) I can’t see where I can access this message (or any messages) in order to reply/confirm the details of the pending transaction. As far as I can see, there is no ‘messages’ section of the app. How can I resolve this? I’ve tried opening a chat but nothing happens at all when I hit ‘start chat’. I’m worried that the payment will bounce if I don’t get this sorted soon…

I need to contact someone at Revolut . Firstly I have been charged processing fees for merchant bank in revolut for the first time , i cannot chat with any one ? and I cannot access my Merchant on my phone , on the app ??

I also have a problem I don’t have this phone number anymore and I can’t log in anymore, it says that the wrong phone number or password I can do now help me please

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Can’t sign into app to get help,

Guys, do you have any idea how to contact the Support after shutting down the account ?