Consumer Data Right in Australia

Similar to Open Banking Linked Accounts, I’d really like Revolut to seriously look at Consumer Data Right (CDR) as well. Currently despite pushing a lot of my money via Revolut, I have zero visibility of it within my budgeting apps because the only sign of money sent through Revolut is when my budgeting app sees a gigantic payment on my linked card to “Revolut Payments Australia Limited, Melbourne AU”. Unsurprisingly, budgeting is really hard with blind spots that big.

All banks and electricity companies are legally required to support this, but although Revolut isn’t a bank it would go a long way to lending some legitimacy as well as paving the way for eventually obtaining an ADR License (assuming that is the plan, of course).


Hi @mat.barrie :wave:

We appreciate the time you have taken to give us your feedback about the Open Banking and CDR. We will be passing it on to our team to have a look :eyes:

Thank you :pray:

Mariana Rodrigues I Community Manager

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