Constant verification requests that I can't action


Topped up my account yesterday and account got locked for verification. 12 hours later support get back to me and go through verification and account unlocked. Tonight I top up with some more money and account gets locked for verification AGAIN! No doubt another 12 hour wait for support to get back to me.
Is this going to happen for every transaction I attempt?

Also, not sure if this is just on iPhone X but I cannot press the “Verify your identity” button as it is is half off the bottom of the screen and I can’t click it!

Buggy app and slow support is all I have got out of this experience so far. Big shame as the app has so much potential but how can I put any trust in it? Don’t fancy being abroad and having to rely on it for money!


So Maria from support stopped by in my support request after 18 hours just long enough to tell me it was getting passed to someone else. What a shocking bad service Revolut provide! I’ve had money in the app for several day and not managed a single transaction!

They should probably stop taking on new customers until they can handle them.


It took 2 days of waiting for support to unlock my account (twice, waited a day each time) but got a SEPA transfer out in the end. I really want to love this service if only they could speed up the support.