connection to Facebook?



I can see from my network monitor that the Revolut app is connecting to a Facebook server. Why is that? I have no Facebook account and from a privacy perspective I don’t want me or my bank to be involved with Facebook.



Hi @Wcool :slight_smile:

Might it be related with Facebook Analytics? It’s used for user insights and general improvement.


If that is the case, I wonder what data is collected. And why they want to share that with Facebook. Is there really no framework that Revolut can insert into the code of the app and make it connect to their own server?


Hey @Wcool :slight_smile:

You can check :r:'s privacy policy here:

Apart from that, many companies offer analytic services (Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Clicky, KISSmetrics, Piwik…)
I’d dare to say that almost every single webpage you visit daily and most of the apps you use on your phone uses analytics in order to improve their services.

They usually try to measure which parts of an app/website are more popular, which ones are barely looked at, what are the common paths so they can be shortened, where do errors happen… They very rarely send information that might personally identify you, because that’s not the purpose, or information that is considered confidential.

Keep in mind I am speculating on:

  • whether the :r: app connects to Facebook or not. I’ll trust you.
  • the uses :r: gives to this information.
  • the usage or not of Facebook Analytics by :r:.


Yes, and that is why I filter as many 3rd party analytics and trackers as I can (knowing I probably can’t stop everything unfortunately).

I do understand why Revolut wants to know how I use the app. But I don’t want Facebook to know as well. Especially not for a banking app. This seems common sense to me.