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I created a revolut business account two days ago. I logged in from my laptop and had access to all my accounts. I linked my bank account to my paypal business account and I also transferred 600 euros to my revolut business account. Last night when I logged on to my account I went to my dashboard and I realised that on the top banner there was a drop-down list and in this list there were two associated accounts. I clicked on the second account and since then I’ve been unable to access my account and I’ve received the message that it’s not possible to create a revolut business account at the moment.

Can you help me?


Hello @Nicolas.rebmann :wave:,

Welcome to our community. May I know did you receive the money in your Revolut Business account? Do you have any personal account with us?

SG | Community Team

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I just found the problem. I have several accounts attached to the same e-mail address. Among these accounts, one is blocked and when I try to connect to it, I’m told that it’s not possible to create a new revolut business account for the moment. Can you tell me how I can delete it from another account?


Hi @Nicolas.rebmann :wave:

We can only allow you to have one personal and one business account registered with the same phone number and email address. It’s not possible to open two personal accounts, even with different login details.

How did I create a duplicate account?

Usually, a duplicate account is created when you get a new phone number. This can be a result of moving countries, losing your credentials or changing service providers. When you get a new phone number, you should change the phone number registered to your account.

How do I close a duplicate account?

If for any reason you have created a duplicate account (e.g. with your new phone number), it needs to be closed.

If you have access to your account which is believed to be duplicated:

  1. Go to your ‘Profile’ section in the upper left corner and select ‘Account’.
  2. Scroll down and tap ‘Close account’.

Once the duplicate account is closed, you can change the phone number on the original account.

Hope this helps!

Mariana Rodrigues I Community Manager

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