Connecting Revolut Trading account to a Finance Management app

Hi, there are so many Finance Management apps that let you aggregate your accounts and display your accounts in 1 single place. In Europe, I use LaFinBox and WeSaveConseil and there are so many other (Mint, Plaid etc.) Companies like Budget Insight provide these connectors to banks.

However, the apps that I tried systematically fail to detect my Revolut Trading account. When I enter my Revolut account detail, these apps just display the Currency pockets of my Revolut account.

Does Revolut provide to those apps an API for the Trading account as well?

Does anybody know of an app / online service that does a good job managing personal finance and properly connects to Revolut Trading?


pprt, I cannot find a good OpenBanking all-in-one finance management app for Android and/or web. Everything you mentioned is either French only, US only or B2B only and not for end users.

Please advise, where are the many apps that aggregate our European bank accounts? I would need support for Revolut, Transferwise, Monese, N26, boon.PLANET, PayPal, comdirect, etc. including pot, vaults, spaces or whatever else savings accounts with various currencies are called. Thanks.

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Hi, OpenBanking refers to banks adhering to standards under development to securely make available for example the list of individual transactions through APIs. Unfortunately OpenBanking has not gone mainstream yet, and those aggregation apps use much more dubious techniques such as actually login to the bank account and using screen scrapping techniques.

The company in my example might be French, however that does not exclude them from connecting to banks in most European countries.

This is a good place to start, under “account aggregators” section

The reality is that those account aggregators tend to be segmented, with specialization in specific countries. I believe that it is because legislation is specific to every country. I do not have 1 name to recommend to you, I’d say try from the list and see which one works for you.

Finally, this is a nice discussion on Account Aggregators, but let me re-iterate my original question to the community: although I can find several aggregators supporting Revolut, none of them seem to retrieve the Revolut Trading account. Any hint welcome.

Thanks for your detailed feedback.

I checked out WeSaveConceil and LaFinBox again and both websites and apps are only available in French. As I don’t speak French, I cannot use them or even check if they support my various European banks.

Mint is US only. Plaid and Budget Insight provide APIs for B2B so no help for me.

I followed dozens of links on these pages but couldn’t find any app which allows adding at least most of my accounts. Any suggestions for an open banking app which is usable in Ireland and allows adding other fintechs and traditional banks?

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Here is a good site which lists which Agregators connect to Revolut:

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A Yahoo Finance integration actually would be very useful.

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I am not able to add the Revolut account to, it’s not listed in the list of available banking apps. I have also tried other Finance Management apps that use Plaid and the Revolut is not there either.

It would be nice to have it integrated into Plaid/Mint as well.


I used to integrate Revolut via LaFinBox a French account aggregator. Unfortunately since more than a month now, the connector is broken and they claim that Revolut made some technical changes on their backend resulting in the connector not to work any more. LaFinBox has not been able to fix it for more than 1 month!

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+1 to all these.
It’s a shame that Revolut don’t connect with other services. I’ve been able to connect my HSBC account and other UK banks to Mint, but Revolut is not there.
Also would be great if Revolut could be connected to Yahoo! finance portfolio that have plenty of information and data visualization for tracking our investments.
At least while Revolut’s trading app is still so limited, a connection to a powerful finance app would be much appreciated.