Connect to the app when your phone is not working in a foreign country...


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With Revolut, your account is linked to your phone number.
But sometimes, this phone number does not work in an other country (I have a french number and i am in Brasil at the moment), and you can not get the 6 digit verification code, which allows you to connect.

It would be great to be able to connect to your account, everywhere in the world, with an other way for the verification: using your e-mail, or with a specific question, or with a specific personal number

Because I had to speak to a live agent and sometime they are very busy, so it was a quite long timeā€¦

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I have an account with an overseas financial institution which, as an alternative to texting an access code, offers the ability to use a code generated by apps such as Google Authenticator, VIP-Access or similar. Far easier than the old method used by many banks of issuing their customers with an electronic token - which basically does the same thing as the more modern authenticator apps: generates a 6 digit code, synched to the bank (or third party organisation).


Yeah, 2FA would be an awesome solution. I second that