confusion with invite referral links


I invited 2 friends using the Crypto invitation, and 1 friend using the normal invitation. All 3 have signed up, but only the 2 crypto links have been credited.

What happens to the normal invite?
Can I get the normal invite credited as a crypto invite?

and WHY are there 2 different invite links?


Same problem, I contacted in app support, and only crypto invites are counted…


Hi guys! I can take a look into your accounts, could you please DM me :slight_smile:


Hi Andreas. I hope this is how a DM works by replying directly to your post. I successfully invited 2 friends using the crypto link. However, on another occasion I invited a friend using the ‘Pink Heart’ Invite link without realising it is different to the crypto link.
Could you take a look?

Many thanks


This is not a DM :slight_smile: :


I’ve already sent DM now,
@bkchow tou can sent DM like this:


OK got that. I do not have the ‘Message’ option in blue box. I’m a new joiner, this is my first topic so I must only have very limited capability. I’ve tried to find other ways to send DM but none of the UX I’ve seen allows me this.




@AndreasK I’ve just completed the new joiner discobot chats hoping it will enable me to have DM access. Still can’t see one for your profile. Any suggestions please?

EDIT: Message function is now available.

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Ok thank you. I’ll get back to you shortly.

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