I have just registered for a revolt bank account, Cost me £50! I have applied for a card online to be sent to my address, I have received a welcome email, but no account number or sort code details ??? What is going on here???


Hi there,

How did it cost you 50 pounds?

The usual process it: they ask you to top-up with another card in your name, at least 10 pounds, which you can of course use later to buy things, so it’s not “lost”, merely a proof that you own another bank account.
Then you need to confirm your identity by taking a picture of your passport or id card.

Once that’s done, you will have your account number and sort code in your name.


Hi, Thanks for your quick response, The first time the asked me for £10 then it jumped to £50, so I just paid it, I can see on my iPhone App that the account is credited with £50, but i have not been contacted for any Id ?? Who contacts me? when will they contact me? I tried live chat but don’t qualify for this service if I don’t have a premium account, Live chat on my iPhone App acknowledges connection but no one answers ??


Go to the ‘More’ section of the app, tap ‘Profile’ and then ‘Verification & limits’. There, you should be asked to upload documents.
You can find more about identity verification here:

The live chat is available for non-premium users during the day. Premium users have 24/7 access.
Try entering “live agent” to get connected to an agent.