Scheduled service downtime
Our payments processor has scheduled some downtime for this weekend to carry out essential maintenance work. This means that your Revolut card won’t work between 12pm – 2am (BST) on Sunday 8th October. Please carry a spare card during this time.

Is this from midnight Saturday until 2am Sunday a period of 2 hrs OR midday Saturday until 2am Sunday a period of 14 hrs ?
12pm is midday according to the internet


I’m now being told by in app support that they mean 12 midday Sunday 8/10 until 2am Monday 9/10 just to clarify
But check for yourselves
This is UK BST so if you are in a different time zone make sure you adjust for that !


I have the same question actually. Does this affect everyone? Because I have that warning in app but my girlfriend doesn’t.


Hi @ezglide,

it’s tomorrow (8th October) from Midnight until 2am BST (1amGMT).

Thanks for your feedback!