Confused - just need to check


Hi all,
Just got my Revolut card - looks good.

Aplogies if the following are dumb questions, but I have read the FAQs etc but just want to double check my understanding:

  1. If I topup the card with say £200 sterling - I can withdraw money abroad and the amount after conversion will be deducted from the £200. Any left over, I could withdraw from a UK ATM in Sterling - all without fees.
  2. Alternatively I can topup £200 now and convert to foreign currency now whilst the rate is good. If I then withdraw money abroad, the amount will be deducted from my FX balance. Any money left over, I could convert back to GBP (at the market rate) and withdraw from UK ATM when I get back home?

The above assumes that I follow the guidelines and Choose either a ‘checking’ or ‘savings’ account and Choose ‘without conversion’ - when I user it abroad.

thanks in advance for the replies.



Correct. Assuming of course you are talking about having converted the money into the currency you are eventually going to withdraw at your destination.


Keep in mind, you have a withdrawal limit of 200 pounds a month, after which you will be additionally charged for withdrawals.


Also, whilst Revolut won’t charge you for using the ATM, the local operator may or may not.


True, which brings us to