Confused about cash withdrawal -exchange rate screen.

I went to withdraw cash from a cash machine.
I got the this screen and then abandoned as I didn’t know which to choose.

I was withdrawing euros and I am fairly sure I had enough euros and sterling in my account.
This is the same screen as I would get if I inserted a card from a different currency and tried to withdraw.

Is there something wrong? What should I choose? @AndreasK Can you help?


Hey Andyn

Seems you have forgotten to upload your image. But it seems like it was the DCC screen. The Revolut Cards are issues from GB and therefor might be recognised as a foreign card in other countries. Just make sure to deny DCC and then it will work fine and the correct currency in you Revolut account will be credited.

Here are some general information:

Thanks, sorry now attached.

So I would choose euros if I were in Ireland (or anywhere else in Europe in this case)?


I can’t really see the button to the left, what i says. But ALWAYS choose to be billed in the local currency. And if the other button quote a price in GBP then choose EUR if you are withdrawing EUR :slight_smile:

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