Confirming each transfer

Hi! I am a fresh Revoult user. I have created my account today. Every time I want to transfer money from my debit card to Revolut account I have to fill in CVV code and wait for SMS code. It is very inconvienient as I will be traveling to Japan and will not have SMS service. I do not have a physical card yet.
My sister has a Revolut account and debit card in the same bank as I do and everything works smoothly and perfectly. She does not need any CVV code (besides the first time) and any SMS code for every transfer. Please help making my trip comfortable :slight_smile: thank you!

After few weeks / few more top ups and you won’t need to input CVV. :slight_smile:
Couple weeks max :+1:

Wow That is horrible… i will need It on friday. How about SMS Code from my bank?

Revolut has by far the most annoying implementation of two-factor authentication ever made

How long May It take? I need my Revoult this Friday

Not sure about sms from the bank.
Never recieved sms for top up confirmation.
Only recieve message for setting up new beneficiary.
You can always buy local sim in Japan and change your number in app :slight_smile: