Confirmed Identity now Account Blocked


Hey guys, just signed up did the identity verification, then showed a display saying max 30,000.

Logged on again and now it is saying my account is blocked?

Can anyone help?



try in-app support to get in touch with them.


The best help you could get is from unsatisfied users. Read and go to Monzo or N26.


Monzo and N26 has higher fees with less features and not available in all countries where Revolut is.


Yes,but at least they have a real efficient customer service and are not completely disorganized. Normally, You get what you pay for !!!
The real cost is not what you pay ! the real cost is the time you loose with incompetent staff !!!


so why did you start using Revolut? You knew they are cheap compared to the other big banks, they are a startup and there will probably be issues. Why didn’t you stick with the trustable providers? Why?


Hey @sublanza you can definitely still reach out on support chat so we can take a look into what’s going on!


Because I did not know better… Now I know… It took me 3 month to get my money back… and I am going… happy to leave you guys with your hopes !!!


Good day! I just want to ask when will my revolut card be confirmed? It’s already 5 days and still I cannot get a confirmation that I can have a card or I can use my account