Confirmation SMS messages not being received


You’d best mention @AndreasK.
Meanwhile, people recommend to address them via Twitter.


I have been driven mad in the last two days when I tried to register my wife. The chat line was totally useless since they reply after hours and out of context. So yesterday I had this idea: what if I use a non Italian number? In fact, my wife’s number is a Wind (one of the major carriers here in Italy) but the prefix is strange, not so widespread (+39 350 xx xx xxx) and I thought “let’s see if with a foreign sim card it the system will work”. I requested the sms for this new number (Estonian mobile number) and it worked. Obviously this is not the perfect solution and what gets me so angry is the fact that the support is basically unreachable, they don’t exist. No point in asking, no phone contacts, just nothing.
They are far far away from optimal.


@AndreasK I have had the same issue in Ireland for quite a while now. Unable to receive SMS codes on my 089 number but calls are received. Please help!