Confirmation SMS messages not being received


Step one - go to and enter my phone number to get download link. sms never arrives, try repeatedly

Step two - go to google play store, search for revolut and install it. Attempt to sign up, get asked for a confirmation code that will be sent by sms, never arrives. Try repeatedly.

Step three - get onto support via in-app chat. explain problem, repeatedly. Finally get a confirmation code via support, finally able to sign up. Complete signup process

Step four - attempt to add a recipient, oh noes, need a confirmation text to confirm. With dread, wait for confirmation code, never arrives. Contact support via in-app chat. Repeat whole process detailing/explaining problem with sms not being received. finally convince support to check revolut sms gateway. Support rep says that they can see that attempts to send sms have been made with status of undeliverable. Between first attempting signing up and now I have received numerous sms via different apps, services and people without problem, only revolut seems dysfunctional.

How would it be possible to get revolut to confirm that their sms gateway is functioning correctly sending sms to my German number and/or network?

tbh, this was recommended to me by a friend, and I guess when it works it’s a good service, but jeez, the pain just trying to get the basics done. Bad as banks are, it’s not as bad as this



There are more parties involved when it comes to receiving text messages. (It works for me. I am on T-Mobile.)



It’s working for you today?



Yes, I’ve just checked. I received a new code for the log in within seconds :thinking:



:thinking: indeed. Well, thanks for checking that. I’m vodafone. I guess I need to find a vodafone user to test with to see if it’s specific to them or me. I’ve been sending myself txts from anywhere and everywhere and as above, only resolut txts seem to be failing to get to me

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I can send you the sms via DM.



Thanks @AndreasK but I’d really like to know if there is any way for Revolut to confirm at their end that the gateway is functioning correctly for Vodafone Germany. Otherwise I’ll have to get onto you or in-app support any time I wish to do anything that requires confirmation which is going to be a real pain and far from real-time.

It works for Frank above on t-mobile and I’ve had someone check another provider, Congstar and that works too. I don’t know anyone well enough on vodafone to ask them if they mind me attempting to send them unknown urls via sms from an unknown party :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



You could try to contact Revolut‘s Manager for the DACH region on Twitter.



Good idea thx, have just done so

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Same issue here, also in Germany. Tried twice online and several times on the App today. Been trying for the past hour, can’t get to any of the chat support on the app at all? On Congstar.
Agree with slightly annoyed, a friend recommended to sign up, partner has a Revolut card (which worked okay in central America)



@kikimg I’m glad that I’m not alone, isolated to me, but also sorry to hear that you experience this problem.

Also means it is not isolated to Vodafone too, though



I’ve been on the online chat for over an hour with still no result :frowning:



Hate to do this, but ping ping @AndreasK



Side note: live chat customer service is terrible. Have taken screenshots of the entire conversation, where do I send it so you can improve?



Did you manage to get the sms?



Tried again today, still not working



Ok thank you. We can investigate what’s going on and in the meantime we can help you get the sms.



@AndreasK Ooh, ooh! It worked! I went to add a beneficiary and was expecting to have to ask you to forward on the confirmation but the text came through straight away. I don’t know if you guys did anything or it was a glitch elsewhere in the chain, but it’s working now. Sweet!

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@AndreasK not working for me today either



I cannot create the account in the app. The sms does not arrive. Can anyone from the Revolut send me code? Thx