Confirmation methods are not working(SMS and call)


I am trying to create an account via an app on my mobile but I did not receive confirmation SMS and moreover, I tried call option but that did not work too.
I have Samsung Galaxy CORE Prime SM-G360H(android 4.4.4). Actually this service is recommended by a friend, but I did not work for me well.
Please help me to sort out this issue and to allow me to use this service.


Hey @hargurpreet :slight_smile:

After not receiving the SMS/call, a link should appear (I have not received an SMS) allowing you to start a support chat


well, I think that option is there but I did not try, however now I feel my mobile is blocked because I get this error "We’re sorry, something has gone wrong, please try later.
Please guide me what steps should I take to successfully create account.


Hi there. Where are you based?


I am from Punjab, India.


We’re currently focusing services on the EEA, expecting this to be temporary and looking forward to expand globally :wink: