Concierge services, in this day and age, are totally useless, IMO.

They give absolutely no added value to a Metal subscription. I have yet to be proved wrong.


The Problem, with the Revolut Version is:

1.) This Servoce doesnt do any phonecall, to answer your request. They do Internet-Search, nothing more.

2.) They do not charge your Card. Why? If i do have a request, and i do have to pay something for this… they can not do something.

Example. Around 3-4 Years ago.

On a Business Trip from TXL to FRAby Plane.
At TXL, a little baby boy spat over my colleague’s shirt. No spare-shirt ^^

He called the Concierge Service of his CC. They send someone to a shop at the Airport FRA, bought a new business-shirt and handover right aver the exit to him. CHarged his CC. Finished. That is a concierge service.


Agree, they should have a phone line.
The in-app payment requests should be available (as told by a support rep) in a next week at least.


Which card was it and what was the yearly price for it?


This card was for free, because:

Yearly amount of X = card for free.
MC World Elite.

Bank. I dont know. I can ask him, what card.


On the 22/8 I filled a very simple request to send flowers to a friend in Switzerland and after a week. I asked very precisely 12 roses and mentioned the address to be delivered and a message. After 5 full days, on the 27/8 they answered that they will reply shortly. Ahaha. On the 28/8 they sent me a mail with 5 links to flowers online stores. They did not process my request, nothing got delivered. Basically this concierge service is a glorified and insanely slow Googling paying service. I hope someone at Revolut will wake up and read our comments.


24/7 exclusive concierge - what a joke!

CC: @AndreasK @JessicaZ … there are no good reviews on this.


I’m wondering if their insurance service is as useless as their concierge is. The fact that they switched from a rated insurer (Zurich) to a non-rated one (White Horse) is a bad sign.


Despite being a huge fan of Revolut, I’m disappointed in this service so far


The concierge service is a waste of time. All evidence shows it to be ineffectual and little more than a glorified google service. No one I know who has used it so far has found it even remotely productive.

Makes a mockery of Revolut’s game plan to be a multi platform for the best services available. Revolut should ditch concierge and Offer something of more value to their metal customers.


I agree.
I’ve tried it, and it’s a complete waste of time

  • no use in urgent cases - takes days or weeks to get an answer
  • even simple requests are followed by a predefined form to fill in (including again everything that was said)
  • more complicated requests tend to be neglected by some silly excuses (GDPR for example)

Dear Revolut, just forget about concierge, and offer to us something useful - let it be for example a Car Hire Excess Insurance, etc.


Well it deepens on for what you want to use it.
Yes it’s also a paid searching service so you won’t need to invest time into doing the same.

I was able to make a table reservation for a restaurant. (which they also searched for me based on my criteria)

And I also remember that revolut have sent a e-mail sometime ago about exclusive offer examples via concierge service like Theatre shows in London up to 75% off
Tickets for :MTV Europe Music Awards, American Football at Wembley or British Fashion Awards

But I also had some solutions which disappointed me and I hope they will work on it to improve the service


It took 7.68 seconds :slight_smile:

(And they have florists worldwide)


So am I. There’s no one to answer important questions.



That’s what service are like
A Concierge service, that search. I better then use google assistant


Excuse me
But why the damm, even have this service?

It’s a better idea to just, hey google, google assistant, or alexa
And get a response, no typing, no waiting
And its free


Yes the concierge service is pretty terrible. I tested it with some tickets and buying it viathem was such a hassle (I didn’t bother in the end). a) it is hugely old school and as people have said, just a google search b) no payment function direct to buy is unbelievable. I am surprised these concierge companies can survive with such a non product. I think ditching this and having a truly innovative addition would be better