Hi! I’m not really sure how that Concierge thing works. Like, do I tell them to make reservations for me? Can I ask them about other things like personal advice? Idk if it sounds stupid, but I really don’t know :joy:

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In my opinion concierge doesn’t really worth. I have it on one of my CC but meh…
Asked them to find me a good ticket… they found one, idk how, for 1200 EUR while I’ve found, on the same AirFrance, 500 EUR, same dates& destinations.

Then, hotels. same story.

The only good thing I’ve heard recently is that you can book concerts, restaurants, theater, galleries, etc which are already fully booked (like, they kick someone out for you or they bribe them for you)


Oh yes. I asked them to call a foreign number for me and remind them about my case (asked via email) to not pay 1.6 EUR/ minute :smile:


My story with concierge so far:

On day 1 i wondered what it is really for. It stated “getting VIP/Backstage Tickets” in their examples so I asked for such tickets for a big festival. No response yet, this was 1 Week ago…
On the same day I asked the service directly what it has to offer. The answer I got was very generic:

We offer a range of services which can be seen below


So I thought I might give it a try and ask if they could organise a band for an event coming up. Then I got the answer that my request cannot be handled because one can only have 2 open requests per day. (wow cool. Could have told me before. Also a closed requests apparently does not make room for another one the same day…)

After a couple of days I tried to ask them to claim miles for me from a recent flight. 2 Days later I got the response that they cannot handle this request due to EU data protection laws. After I asked what I am even paying for I got the same generic email back as quoted above.
What really confuses me is this: they need personal data for ALL the services they offer! How can this service possibly work then? I wrote an email today asking detailed questions about the services offered and how they can process anything without using personal data - no response after a couple of hours… I really feel like this is a service for people who are too lazy to google.

Nothing has worked so far and I refuse to ask them basic tasks that I can do better and faster myself…

If anyone has a proper use case for this service, please share it with me. If this continues to disappoint I will cancel my Metal account as soon as there is no 50 pounds fee (was it 1 month or one year?)

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I’ve got similar experience. 2 requests submitted a week ago, no response. I’ve asked about it on the support, and I was told I’ll receive a response “soon™”. I’m disappointed so far, but I hope it will change.

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In my case the Concierge service seems to be completely useless.
I tried to ask for quite a straightforward research. Well, you can read below

(you have to click on the screenshot to see it whole)


It seems these days you can blame anything on new data laws. I see more and more such examples in my line of work too. Its getting absurd.

I had a bit of trouble with what I thought was a very simple request initially, however I resubmitted it and was really happy with the reply I received.

But did you want them to book it for you too? It seems they gave you suggestions and then closed the request, which means asking for a booking would open the 2nd and final request?

It seems like a great, personalised response, but you had to resubmit it to get that. I assume :r: are using some third party, already established concierge company behind the scenes. Would be interesting to know who.

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They’re using The Sincura Group, who proudly state in their email footer that they won concierge company of the year!

In London? :smiley: So are the people getting the “Data laws” responses outside of the EU maybe? It seems they are London based but I assume they provide services all over the world.

Their website also states:

Each membership has its own list of benefits.

So does that also apply for Revolut? Does Revolut have a specific type of membership that it puts all of it’s members into? Or do they have some kind of blanket membership so anyone can ask for anything?

Guys: I got the answers. As I assumed, the concierge service is - to put it simple: Payed googeling. I see no use case whatsoever in this service now. This is my answer that I got today. Please excuse the horrible formatting - I put my questions behind the keypoints they got me and they answered right behind it.

Bars/Clubs - This means making a reservation, right? - does it also bring
me on a VIP list? Yes but only if they offer a way to do so online
Restaurants - This means making a reservation, right? Is there more? Yes
but only if they offer a way to do so online
Nightlife - I have no Idea what this means when it does not include
Restaurants, Bars and Clubs. Please enlighten me. Basic information about
places to go
Tickets/Events - Is this just buying tickets? Will I be charged directly on
my card or will I get a mail from you to decide myself wether or not I
accept the price? You will be informed of the tickets we have available and
asked if you wish to proceed
Travel/Accommodation - This means making a reservation for travel services
and Hotels, right? Are there any extras like free upgrades included? We
send a travel form and our travel team prcess this request
Cars - Is this booking a Rental car or are there any extras like upgrades,
cheaper or better conditions for insurances? This service will be
implemented by november 2019
Domestic - What does that mean? General queries about domestic life
Lifestyle - What does this mean/include? Spas/gyms/health clubs
Shopping - Does this include Grocery shopping? Are there extra fees
compared to my local delivery services or Amazon? No this does not include
grocery shopping
Say for example you are trying to source a rolex or other high ticket item
then we may be able to source one using our contacts

In another mail I got the answer to this question:

So what I wonder about is:

For all these services you need to use my personal information as follows
(Which I am aware of and fine with. Otherwise I wouldn’t consider using
your service):

  • Full Name (all services)
  • Phone number (all services except shopping and tickets maybe)
  • Birth Date (at least for travel and cars)
  • Driving License (at least for cars)
  • Address (shopping, travel, cars)

The answer was:

It’s fine for us to hold your data but we still can not ring up on your
behalf. We can hold and store data but we can’t ring up different companies
and impersonate you to process your request.

So… well… there is no service then.

I think

Each membership has its own list of benefits.

means that partners such as Revolut can buy a range of services and numbers of inquiries per day. Just guessing though.

I am outside of the EU in Switzerland - certain laws might apply here too, though. I asked about this as well (with no answer yet…) Then again, soon GB will be outside of the EU as well… maybe it gets better then? :wink:

I might try this, and see if they can find a good place to do weightlifting while in Ho Chi Minh, with acceptable equipment.

Here you have to know.

The Lufthansa Data Protection is very strict.
Better call the LH Support directly

Apparently, they can’t take money from my account?


My request was purely Google search, there is no need to access any personal information to check flights availability for a given number of miles in Lufthansa Miles&More.

To find available options without specified destination is quite a lot of searching, but that’s what Concierge is supposed to be for. It is not a free service, they must not excuse themselves with data protection for anything they are not willing to do.


They won’t take it directly from your account, because revolut will do it. So it’s strange that they didn’t seem to know it…

A senior support agent told me:

We will confirm the final price of the service before sending an in-app request for the payment to be taken directly from your Revolut account!

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I have discussed it with the support. They have told me that they are still working on the “payment-taking” functionality and it’s coming “Soon™”.


Ohhh wow… okay :smile: