Concerns about personal data security


I am a new customer of Revolut. However, I am also very sensitive to security issues. Thus, I have some questions to Rovolut’s staff (but regular users should feel invited to take part in this discussion):

  1. Do you delete documents’ scans when somebody deletes his or her user account or do you store it on your servers anyway?
  2. How do you make those scans secure? Do you mark it somehow, e.g. with watermarks, to make it useless in case of possible data leaks?
  3. Could we update and replace the scan of the document we sent to you, for example by writing on it some texts (e.g. “the document send to verify on Revolut service”) and make it useless for hackers?

I know that security is very important for Revolut, but we had a lot of data leaks from many services. Thus, I am always very uncertain when it comes to such issues.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Best regards!

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Since Revolut is a regulated e-money company, they store account related personal data 5 years after closing an account to comply with regulation, similar to how a bank would do it. (That’s what i remember from a similar question on Twitter.)

Sure, I found this info on the official website, however we still don’t know whether our personal and very sensitive data (especially scans of documents) is properly protected from eventual data leaks. We have only very general statements, typical for many companies (including those which didn’t manage to make the personal data secure).

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