Concern with Merchant Refund Process

Some of you might remember my thread, where a Revolut’s third-party vendor issue, caused delays to the processing of incoming merchant refunds; alot of us were impacted and it caused delays of up to 5-days, in some cases.

Live Agent discussion:
Today, again, I noticed a refund for over 4k GBP (that was due to hit today), not reflecting on my GBP balance. I spoke to a Live Agent, here’s the takeaways from that conversation -

  • Live Agent could see my refund in “…our systems, pending allocation to your a/c”
  • It should be “…with you within 3hrs…”
  • 3hrs elapsed and no refund, so I spoke to the same Live Agent again who confirmed “…refunds are being processed normally - however there is a huge demand of them, which can cause delays”

What’s the community’s opinion?
Call me unreasonable (both for what I am about to say and the comparison vs. a High Street bank, where I do not pay a ‘premium fee’), however I have never heard of a High Street bank that has delays to distributing received merchant refunds, to customer accounts, due to high demand. They have the infrastructure to support busy times.

I am interested to know if anyone else has had a similar experience and what the community’s feelings / opinions are toward this?

Hi @williamtcforsyth :slight_smile:
Basic user here :smiley:
I hope :r: will improve on lot of issues we getting here.
Personally i haven’t run into any trouble so far,tough i’m reading a lot community posts
I pressume due to huge amount of new users,they can’t cope. I’m a Big Fan of Revolut,so my view will favour to :r: They doing great job in inovation :slight_smile:

Just my 2 cents :+1::joy:

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I am a new customer, and reports like this worry me. Despite the views of the fans that post in these forums, everything about Revolut seems clunky and amateurish.

On the flip side of this, I’ve recieved 99% of my refunds (of amounts up to almost 1000 euro) within 24 hours of them being processed.

The only refunds that have ever taken longer than 24 hours from the moment of processing have been iTunes refunds.

I hope this great refund experience hasn’t come to an end.

Being a fan should not rule out valid criticism either however :slight_smile:

The currency wallets and the exchange rate Revolut applies (which for once is not used to make a profit) are speaking greatly in favour of them and their service and they brought something to the table that was long overdue in banking.

All of that does not mean that much however if Revolut does not manage to fix their support issues - and fix them quickly.

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