Completely wrong merchant name + logo

Merchant name is completely wrong and SPAR logo as a bonus.

Why is this happening @AndreasK ?

I had a similar issue times ago and I had it again this June. This was Kamps, a bakery, but recognized as a&o hostal. Well it’s a little anoying in the statistics maybe but I don’t know wether the database for that information is at :r: or the payment processor or MasterCard… :man_shrugging:t3:

I don’t get it. If I use my old-fashioned bank I always get real accurate name of merchant. However Revolut is using machine learning to fight money laundering but is unable to write correct names of merchants? REALLY?


I still get “Store name” + Parking :roll_eyes:

*Store name = actual name of place


I had the same with my energy bill showed up as some canteen service company (probz my energy company has an internal canteen that uses the same merchant ID or sth like that). Just write to support and they will fix it.

For us, Prêt à manger in Bournemouth showed up on the Revolut statement as “Bournemouth Crematorium”…
Bon Appétit!

If Revolut cannot get simple stuff like this right… it makes me wonder what goes on behind the scenes.

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Have some fun and google “Apple Pay / Google Pay showing the merchant wrong” :partying_face:

Here’s what’s happening: merchant codes can be cryptic. Revolut replaces the information that is provided by the payment network with plain merchant / brand names in some cases. Probably location data plays a role. I don’t know. And just like Apple / Google, they are not always getting it right.