Completely unresponsive customer service

About a month ago I opened an account intending to make it my primary current account. I then verified my identify and sent all documentation required to have my limit increased (to a figure in line with the docs provided). Yet, despite five chasers and many attempts, I had the “please expect a response within the next 96 hours” for the past 23 days.

TWENTY-THREE days without not even the most basic form of acknowledgement! How is it even possible? What if it was something urgent? Now I understand the many posts with people complaining that their bank transfers go missing for months whilst they’re left out of pocket.

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Edit: Well, many people are rather unreasonable and often the reason themselves why their accounts are blocked or transfers fail. From what you have described so far though, that does not seem to apply to your case and three weeks is “somewhat” of a stretch.

Indeed, and I am happy to evidence everything I said, including chat transcripts.

I am happy to believe you, but its not my call anyhow :).

I only hope that Revolut is aware of their support issue and will fix it at some point. But back to your issue, I tagged two of Revolut’s staff members and hope they will chime in soon - might be still a day or so from past experience.

Of course :slight_smile:

I completely appreciate this is a community-driven forum, and in all honesty my rant wasn’t addressed to any user in particular, just on how Revolut is failing to delivery the most basic service they offer. I find somewhat ironic that I was the one defending Revolut versus what I thought were unreasonable customers.

Let’s see what @anon71086934 @anon33247966 say, but rest assured I will report back on this thread all future developments - uncensored-.

Well, unreasonable customers and (sometimes) inadequate support is not mutually exclusive :wink:

I hope that Revolut will be able to quickly sort out your issue, 23 days should not happen and it (not necessarily always 23 days exactly :slight_smile: ) does happen just all too often I am afraid.

I will stand up for Revolut any time when a user makes wild accusations without any foundation, but will equally speak against Revolut when they did not deliver.

Hi there. Apologies for the long wait. Your query has been escalated to the relevant team. Unfortunately, due to massive demand there’s delay in getting back to you. However, I’ve personally forwarded your chat and an agent will contact you shortly.

Just to keep everybody up-to-date (as promised), I have been contacted by the relevant team at Revolut and limits have been promptly adjusted. Still very puzzled what I would have done if it was something more urgent (e.g. if I was out of pocket), but in fairness the agent was swift and professional in reviewing the case and taking the necessary actions.