Completely unable to transfer to Thai bank account


Dear Revolut,

I am unable to transfer money to my girlfriends’ bank account. She has an account with Siam Commercial Bank. The Thai bank number has the following format: 123-456789-0 (fake number). The ‘-’ character is not allowed in the bank number input so I just filled in the bank number without those characters. (1234567890).

I have tried these SWIFT codes while transferring:


Every transfer I do to my girlfriend is refunded. Am I doing something wrong or is Revolut not accepting transfers to Thai banks at this moment? It’s quite important to me for this to work and it’s a dealbreaker for buying premium.

EDIT: Apparently SCB issues a receiving fee of 550 thb (around 14 euro). The transfer has to cover this amount else it get’s rejected.



When you tried a larger amount has it showed up on your girl friend’s account? I too have a SCB account and I’m thinking of using Revolut for my transfer. 550 THB is still cheaper than the fee my Swedish bank charges me, but when I google it seems that most people says that the fee is 0.25% of the amount, minimum 200 THB, maximum 500 THB (can’t find any information on SCB’s homepage).


@Umlaut I found it in the following PDF:


Have you tried transferring a larger amount, and if did she receive it?