Complaints procedure

Complaints page says:
“Revolut warrants that your complaint will be heard and addressed fairly, and in the quickest and most efficient manner”
This is risible.
“a member of our support staff will provide you with the Complaint Form which you may complete and then submit.”
THE SUPPORT STAFF DONT ANSWER. So how can I get the complaint form? Are you not obliged to provide me with this buy financial regulations?
Revolut seems to be fundamentally broken in it’s system and attitude to customers. I seem to have no option but to go to the ombudsman, which is more time wasted for me. I’m really appalled at the poor quality service here.


I know there’s a direct link but I can’t find it. I know @Juliopp knows it, he can give it to you :slight_smile:

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I’ve been invoked :mage:

Keep in mind this was posted in the community by another user and not officially by :r: and should therefore be “handled with care”

I have redacted the link because this was meant to be an exception and not a normal way. It is not clickable anymore and it will not take you to the correct form.

The link is posted in the community, but it should ideally be received from :r:'s support team. If the chat is not responsive, give them up to 3 days or try with social media channels


I’ve tried social media. I’ve tried the in app support. I’ve tried here.
There is no way to contact anyone. There is no customer service. There is no complaints procedure. Isn’t this in contravention to UK financial regulations?


Hi there. As I can see your query has been escalated to our compliance queue, which is better suited to help you with your request. Please allow time and an agent will contact you as soon as possible.

Thanks Andreas. What’s the ETA on that? “Allowing time” is a little vague. This is day 3 of allowing time. What’s the problem here?

These types of posts really make Revolut look bad and make me feel uneasy using them as my primary banking source.

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Compensation for lost earnings? Holding my money for three days has literally lost me earnings.

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Yes, it’s been the worst experience I’ve ever had with a financial company. Shocking, and I think it might be violating regulations.

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Still haven’t heard anything… what’s the problem?


That less than 35 minutes have elapsed from your previous communication. This is not WhatsApp. Formal complaints can take up to 8 weeks to be resolved. That’s 2.304 times more the time you waited.

I understand the experience can be frustrating, and I agree it’s bad, but no company (if you know any, I’ll happily switch to them with you) is going to compensate you for the earnings you’d have had during a regulated KYC procedure (the same way it’d be crazy for them to ask you to pay for the losses you’d have had).

I’m waiting to hear from an “agent”. I’m told it’s been escalated. You’re telling me I should wait 8 weeks? Lol. What’s your affiliation with the company? Why are you invested in excusing poor service?
KYC should not take 3 days with no option of communication or even making a complaint. They should not accept my money into their app without giving me the ability to withdraw it again. It’s perverse to suggest otherwise. Where does it say “Top up with your bank card instantly, and wait 8 weeks to use it!”

Now my other thread has been closed? What’s going on? Are there any employees of Revolut on this forum? Why can’t my problem be resolved?

Not excusing it in any way. I personally find it unacceptable. If you had spent 1/5 of the time you spent complaining actually reading past experiences from other users, you’d see people here don’t usually excuse bad service from :r:. Including me.

That’s not me. That’s the Ombudsman. And it’s “up to”.

[…] depending on what you’re complaining about, the business may have up to eight weeks to sort out the complaint itself.

One thread per problem.

Fully agree :confused:

I get paid 8$ per character written. For each post I submit, a king size pepperoni pizza is delivered to my home. However, I’m seriously thinking of moving somewhere else, they’re starting to rot.


Very funny.
“One thread per problem.” - yup. One was about my money being held hostage on an unusable app and no customer service.
The second was about a complaints procedure that is impossible to follow due to non existent customer service.
But hey, thanks for your advice that I should read other peoples complaints instead of complaining myself.
So let me guess… I hear nothing. The weekend comes, nothing. Monday comes, nothing. Is that what I have to look forward to? And the advice from the community comes in: “try waiting”. Marvellous.

Not in any way. My personal advice is, don’t settle. Complain if you think your issue is being handled improperly. Change things. Don’t accept “KYC takes 3 days and we won’t answer meanwhile” as a definitive answer. Just don’t.
I have encouraged many users to file a formal complaint here in the forums, and I will not cease to do so if I believe they should do so.

However, on the other hand, no support agent, customer representative, person handling your complaint or regulatory agency will take the issue/matter/complaint seriously if a formal answer is expected to be received within 30 minutes or a complaint is expected to be resolved under less than one day.

Fair enough.
Have a good weekend.

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