How can I file a complaint?

Hello @glf !

I’m truly sorry to hear about your current experience with our service. I am sure we can work together in order to resolve the issue you may have.
I can see that your account has been activated only yesterday, therefore, please reach out to me directly or drop us a message via chat to check what we can in order to improve your experience.

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Im really disappointed with my experience with revolute so far. When I ordered my card I wanted the FOC delivery but could not move forward until I had selected the chargeable delivery. I had to pay £5 for my card to be delivered. I have tried to pay in £400 from another account, however this has not been credited for security reasons. I tried to call but could not find a number on your website. I found a number via google however this does not work. I would like to speak to someone but I cannot find a number and I am finding the whole process very frustrating.

Hi there!

The phone number we provide serves only the purpose of blocking the card if it gets compromised. We can be contacted 24/7 via our support chat in the app.
We’re more than happy to assist you with this matter but you’ll need to contact us from there as its the most secure platform to discuss this.
To do so, you just need to open your Revolut app, select “Dashboard” and then click on the question mark at the top, you can then scroll down until you see the option “New chat”.

Best regards,
Revolut Team

Hi! I can’t open the app. Password is incorrect. I always open my app but now I can’t. I don’t know if it is a problem of revolut or if someone hacked my account.

Hi @Day!
Have you tried to reset the password just in case? If it’s a Revolut Business account, you can start a chat with our support agents from the website without the need to sign in on your account.

If it’s a personal Revolut account and you’re unable to do so, you can email us at

Best regards,
Revolut Team


Yes, I sent an email to feedback but I didn’t t receive any reply.

I called by a number phone I saw on Internet but they wanted to manager my phone via another app remoto and they wanted to add another account bank of my friend to manager my account. So… I think it wasn’t safe. I declined that way…

Can you help me, please?